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06/24 WWE SmackDown Twitter Ratings, Visitors at the WWE CWC Tapings, Dean Ambrose ...
06/24 WWE Cruiserweight Classic Talent Parade Video, CWC Ring Announcer, Superstars...
06/24 New WWE Game Night Video, WWE NXT Tapings Tonight, SmackDown Top 10
06/24 Video: Paige VanZant Confirms Interest from WWE, Open to Working Together In ...
06/24 Update on WWE Possibly Bringing Kurt Angle Back for the Brand Extension

From WrestlingInc.

06/25 *SPOILERS* NXT Taping Results For The Next Three Weeks
06/25 ROH Best In The World Live Coverage And Your Feedback
06/25 ROH Best In The World Recap: Lethal Vs. Briscoe II, Roderick Strong's Last PP...
06/25 WWE's Original Plans For AJ Styles, Bullet Club And The Kliq Talk "Too Sweet"...
06/25 Mauro Ranallo On If He'd Rather Go To RAW After Brand Split, Critique From Vi...

From Wrestling

06/24 Jim Ross Say's He's Not Shocked That Kurt Angle Is Not Returning To WWE
06/24 Scott Hall Speaks Openly On His Goal Of Working With WWE's NXT Brand
06/24 Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly Candidly Talks About Ex-Boyfriend Andrew “Test” M...
06/24 WWE CWC Results From Full Sail University (SPOILERS)
06/23 Kurt Angle Will Not Be Returning To WWE

The Latest WWE Video Clips

06/24 Brother vs. Brother? Harv and Gurv Sihra talk CWC
06/24 WWE Live says "G'Day" to Oz this August
06/24 Mr. McMahon's Million Dollar Mania ends in disaster
06/24 Swerved season 2 extra: What the heck is R-Truth doing in a chicken suit?
06/24 Top 10 SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, June 23, 2016

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If you came to my website, chances are that you like Pro Wrestling as much as me. Well, I was tired of looking for WWE news and rumors around the internet. I would go to one website and it would have some WWE News and rumors but not all of them, so I would have to go to another webpage to find it. I didn't want to waste my time, so I designed a website that displays all the WWE News and rumors on one website.

How it works

Many Websites have something called RSS feeds that allows a person to be notified if new content is published. Well, I took all the best Pro Wrestling websites that offer WWE News and rumors on RSS Newsfeeds and put them onto one page! There are some exceptions I had to make. There were some Websites that offered WWE News and rumors but they had way too many ads and pop-ups and I don't want my visitors to go to them. We just want to read about WWE News and stuff, not be bombarded by advertising.

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